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Growing Sage

What. Two blog posts in one day. This is unprecedented. Not since my first day on livejournal where I made 30 posts in two hours have I had this level of blogging activity.

I’ve been making a reasonable amount of my own sausage lately (That should be another post, as soon as I’ve got the recipe down just right!), and one of the key seasonings I use is sage. At the moment I’ve been bumming it off my in-laws, since they have a pretty good-size bush, but I’ve finally decided that I should grow my own, for easier access, and heartier harvests. A quick trip down to Home Depot later, and I had everything I needed.

I don’t think I’ve grown anything since my Grandmother came out to visit from England, more than ten years ago now. I have very fond memories of her teaching me how to pot and transplant plants, and my parents’ back garden filled with flowers. She called them “Bizzie Lizzies”, I think – I have no idea what they’re called here in America, or if that’s even the official name in England! We spent a couple of days working on the flowerbed, and my sister and I picked out the colours we liked. We ended up liking all of the colours between us, so the flowerbed threatened to be a riot of disorganised colour, until Grandma pointed out that we could arrange them in a pleasing pattern. The end result was quite nice, and I think quite a few of the flowers kept popping up for many years – I’ll have to check to see if there are any left when I’m next up at my parents’.

Okay, fine, I’ll take five seconds on Google. It looks like “Bizzie Lizzie” is the common name in the UK, the proper name being Impatiens walleriana. Pretty, anyway!

So – sage. It’s all potted and planted now, three plants per pot, and hopefully most of them will flourish, so I can make huge quantities of well-seasoned sausage. Home Depot only had “Golden Sage”, so I got six of those. It smells great, and it’s the variety I was most looking for anyway. If I remember, I’ll take pictures and update on the progress every so often, along with anything else I add to the garden. I still have about a third of a bag of potting mix left, so I’m tempted to go and get something else… maybe some basil? That’s always nice to have fresh… but I chose sage because it’s apparently hard to kill, and I don’t think that’s the case with basil. Oh well, we’ll see!


Weight loss re-commences!

So I took a bit of time off diet while my wife was pregnant, and then for 4 weeks after our daughter was born. It’s gone on far too long now, and I’ve put on far more weight than I’d like. So I’m getting cracking on keto again, and I’m going to do it properly this time. I’m going to track all of my food in MyFitnessPal, the works. They provide some embed-able badges so that the internet can track progress, and I figured I could put them up here. My goal weight is 132lbs away, and I hope to get there before I turn 30. So I have nearly two years. This will be ambitious, but I’m really fed up with being fat, and hopefully putting this on the internet where anyone can see it will provide some modicum of motivation to stick with it.

It looks like the small badge isn’t formatted properly for 3-digit weights, so here’s the medium ones instead. Wish me luck!

New Year’s Resolutions 2014

I’m a few days behind when I’d normally have my resolutions out,so it’s about time I got on with it!

Resolution The First: To be able to make this exact same resolution next year.
Resolution The Second: To acheive a peak weightloss of no less than 55lbs, and to end the year no more than 15lbs over that weight.
Resolution The Third: To swim no less than ten thousand nine hundred and fifty lengths of a standard swimming pool; this amount is an average of 30 laps per day over the entire year.
Resolution The Fourth: To write no fewer than one dozen blog posts of adequate substance over the course of this year.
Resolution The Fifth: To listen to all voicemail within a week of receiving them.

That should do for now – I may edit this post later if I think of any more to add.

Happy New Year everyone!