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Weight loss re-commences!

So I took a bit of time off diet while my wife was pregnant, and then for 4 weeks after our daughter was born. It’s gone on far too long now, and I’ve put on far more weight than I’d like. So I’m getting cracking on keto again, and I’m going to do it properly this time. I’m going to track all of my food in MyFitnessPal, the works. They provide some embed-able badges so that the internet can track progress, and I figured I could put them up here. My goal weight is 132lbs away, and I hope to get there before I turn 30. So I have nearly two years. This will be ambitious, but I’m really fed up with being fat, and hopefully putting this on the internet where anyone can see it will provide some modicum of motivation to stick with it.

It looks like the small badge isn’t formatted properly for 3-digit weights, so here’s the medium ones instead. Wish me luck!