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New Year’s Resolutions 2014

I’m a few days behind when I’d normally have my resolutions out,so it’s about time I got on with it!

Resolution The First: To be able to make this exact same resolution next year.
Resolution The Second: To acheive a peak weightloss of no less than 55lbs, and to end the year no more than 15lbs over that weight.
Resolution The Third: To swim no less than ten thousand nine hundred and fifty lengths of a standard swimming pool; this amount is an average of 30 laps per day over the entire year.
Resolution The Fourth: To write no fewer than one dozen blog posts of adequate substance over the course of this year.
Resolution The Fifth: To listen to all voicemail within a week of receiving them.

That should do for now – I may edit this post later if I think of any more to add.

Happy New Year everyone!